Thursday, August 28, 2014

DREAM DRM BBC World Service reception using RTL SDR and Homebrew Up converter

BBC World Service recieved using RTL SDR 2832 with home-brew Up-Converter. Below is a online playable audio sample.

 * * * * * *Please Lower your volume of speaker / head phone before you play.

Click on Play......Enjoy the good quality audio and digital service from BBC.

Below is the screen capture of another session showing BBC reception using SDR#.  Noise/clicks /pops are from virtual audio cable, possibly buffer overflow. I have used two sets of cable one for transferring audio SDR# and another cable to screen capturing program.

Another Screen capture / video showing SSTV being decoded. Most of the images were received in noisy condition.

SSB QSO recorded using RTL+Upconverter.

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